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2022 Report to Donors

For all supporters of reproductive justice, 2022 has been a year of crisis. Both the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade and the interruption of abortion services in Kentucky have created daunting obstacles to the fundamental right of individuals to decide if, when, and with whom to have children.

At such a time, A Fund’s work is more urgent than ever. Thanks to you, our donors, we have been able to help a steadily growing number of patients at increasing levels of funding. In fiscal 2022, A Fund assisted 1,703 Kentuckiana patients to terminate pregnancies at EMW Women’s Surgical Center and several other clinics, and also sent funds to the University of Louisville’s Ryan Clinic to cover the cost of inserting long-term reversible contraceptives that enabled low-income women to plan and space pregnancies.

A Fund, Inc. By the Numbers – Fiscal Year 2022:

$ 446,227 – Total contributions received (up 254% from last year)

$ 227,740 – Total dollars disbursed to clinics (up $61,000 from last year)

1,703 – Total clients assisted (up 19%, from 1,433 last year)

1.5% – Percentage of total receipts used toward overhead expenses


In addition to your dollars, we received:

  • $19,000 grant from ACT Blue

  • $12,505 grant from National Network of Abortion Funds

  • $1,036 from Kroger

  • $242 from Amazon Smile


The increase in total contributions received in 2022 is due chiefly to an outpouring of generous donations in response to the current crisis. Be assured that our patients will need these resources as they face the obstacles caused by the interruption of abortion services in Kentucky. We anticipate that many will have to travel out of state to gain access to abortion services, and travel expenses added to the cost of the procedure will increase the financial burden that will fall most heavily on the most needy and vulnerable patients.

A Fund has already moved to help Kentucky women by giving grants to the out-of-state clinics where they seek help, including a block grant to Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois. Funding to clinics will continue as the situation develops. In order to compensate clients for the additional cost of travel, A Fund will have to increase the amount of the grant provided to each.


The need for abortion is as great as ever, and the costs are increasing, as are the obstacles faced by those in need. Thanks for the enormous generosity that you have shown in the past year! Kentucky women and families will need your support more than ever in the years to come.


Respectfully submitted,


Kate Cunningham, President, A Fund, Inc.
Deborah Finkel and Robin Harland, Co-Treasurers; Ann Allen, Secretary
Board Members: Barbara Berman, Wayne A. Gnatuk, Laura McCrea, Paula Schneider

P.S. – Remember A Fund with a gift. Last year, A Fund received over $27,000 from Give for Good Louisville!


Please make your tax deductible donation to

A Fund, Inc.
PO Box 221286
Louisville KY 40252-1286

OR you can donate securely by clicking the Donate button.

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